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10 Ways to Grow on TikTok | Digital Noch

10 Ways to Grow on TikTok | Digital Noch
10 Ways to Grow on TikTok
10 Ways to Grow on TikTok ———————————————————————————-www.digitalnoch.com

#1: First, always make use of new TikTok features

Use new TikTok features as they are released. That statement applies to all social media platforms. Utilizing new capabilities will increase TikTok’s distribution of your video, enabling you to connect with more users.

#2: Viral Duet Videos

Perform a duet to a popular TikTok video. People like seeing how viral videos are received. I’ve done it several times and used it to garner new supporters.

Pro-tip: When you add your own flair, modify the conclusion. You need to offer viewers a reason to keep watching your videos on TikTok in order for them to become popular. One way to achieve it is to give a trend’s finale your own unique spin.

#3: Regularly stream on TikTok

Accounts with at least 1,000 followers may use TikTok Live. Go live every day if you have access. You have the chance to genuinely engage with the TikTok community through live broadcasting. You are able to converse back and forth with viewers, which is not possible with conventional videos.

Create a TikTok video, submit it to your account, and then go live since the exposure of your live stream may increase the number of views for your video. I broadcast live on TikTok for an hour after posting a 7-second video there. I gained 10,000 new followers when I was done. Additionally, I gained 67,000 new followers by the end of the week.

#4: Post on TikTok 4–8 Times Daily

On TikTok, you should post four to eight times each day. You have a great chance to connect with a variety of audiences when you post that regularly, which will hasten the growth of your account.

Make sure the TikTok material you submit each day is diverse. You could sometimes instruct your audience in a task relevant to your area of expertise. You could just simply be humorous at other times. Not only that, but you can dance if you’re skilled at it. What best suits your personality, target audience, and objectives are all up to you.

Even while each of your daily videos may turn out to be extremely diverse, they should all have the same purpose: to draw viewers back to you.

#5: Use the Appropriate TikTok Hashtags.

It’s crucial to choose the appropriate TikTok hashtags for your individual video and target audience. If you select hashtags with billions of views, your material will be lost, therefore, be sure the hashtags you use have between 300,000 and 1 million views.

#6: Create Your Own TikTok Trend

Creating your own dance, song, or other trends that fit you is another option you have on TikTok. It’s hoped that other individuals will replicate your trend. It may result in millions of others following the trend and tagging you, if you’re fortunate enough to have prominent artists take it up. Then, the next thing you know, you’re famous on TikTok.

Go live while you’re working, expert advice. People like seeing what you do behind the scenes while you’re not making TikTok videos. It’s also a terrific method to generate interest in a project you’re working on. Tell them what you have planned for the next episode of your podcast, if you have one planned. Once interested viewers follow you to that platform, you will have established a following on that platform as well.

#7: Produce a TikTok Video Series.

Make a series of TikTok videos that relate to your area of expertise and are interesting to your audience.

If you’re a master organizer, your opening 15-second clip may instruct viewers on how to arrange their houses. By establishing it as the first in a series, you’ll give viewers an incentive to return the following day to see the second video. And if someone views the third video first, they’ll have a cause to revisit parts 1 and 2 if they so want. Now that they’re binge-watching, you get a new fan.

A pro-tip

is to explicitly state that each video is the first, second, third, etc. Of a series so that viewers are aware they should return the following day to see the rest of the series.

#8: Use content from TikTok on Facebook and Instagram

Repurpose your TikTok videos for use on Facebook and Instagram Reels, among other media. People will be more likely to find you on TikTok if they watch and love your videos elsewhere. You’ll likely get more followers as well as more views.

#9: Create Switchable Content

Produce material for TikTok that can be sewn. Why does it matter? A contributor adds their material at the conclusion of a piece of content you’ve created, by taking a little portion of it.

Tell me you’re a small company owned without telling me you’re a small business owner, for instance, is a question I pose in one of my TikTok movies. The first segment of my video will then be taken, edited, and supplemented to someone else’s material. Then, their brand-new video will show up on their TikTok profile. Along with your material, their followers will be able to click on your name in the video. From one little stitched video, you could be able to attract a sizable number of new followers if those viewers decide to visit your page.

#10: Participate in TikTok trends

Follow any trends you see on the For You page. When the same material appears repeatedly as you go through the videos on the For You tab, you’ll know something is popular. Everyone is doing it, which is why it’s popular, so why not join in? You have the chance to embrace the fad and tailor it to fit your specialized market.


TikTok is a fantastic platform for increasing your internet following. It could be simpler to use than other platforms, but the strategy is still needed. You can increase your account grows and the number of views on your videos by using these 11 recommendations.



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