2024 Enterprise Card Problem: Tiny MIDI Keyboard | Digital Noch

2024 Enterprise Card Problem: Tiny MIDI Keyboard | Digital Noch

The progress for electronics over the previous seven many years or so has at all times trended in the direction of smaller or extra dense elements. Moore’s Legislation is the well-known instance of this, however even once we’re not speaking about transistors particularly, expertise tends to get both extra energy environment friendly or smaller. This MIDI keyboard, for instance, is sufficiently small that it’s going to match within the house of a regular enterprise card which might have been an impossibility with the expertise accessible when MIDI first turned standardized, and as such is the newest entry in our Enterprise Card Problem.

[Alana] initially constructed this tiny musical instrument to at all times have a keyboard accessible on the go, and the quantity of options packed into this tiny board undoubtedly matches that design objective. It has 18 keys with further buttons to vary the octave and quantity, and has further help for maintain and modulation as effectively. The buttons and diodes are multiplexed with the intention to match the IO for the microcontroller, a Seeed Studio Xiao SAMD21, and it additionally meets the USB-C requirements so it’s going to work with basically any trendy pc accessible together with most smartphones and tablets so [Alana] can simply interface it with Finale, a well-liked music notation software program.

Moreover, the venture’s GitHub web page has way more element together with the entire Arduino code wanted to construct a MIDI controller like this one. This explicit venture has maybe one of the best size-to-usefulness ratio we’ve seen for compact MIDI controllers due to the USB-C and intensely small elements used on the PCB, though the Starshine controller or these high-resolution controllers are additionally value investigating when you’re out there for compact MIDI gadgets like this one.

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