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Have you ever ever been out on a jog on a scorching day, and the insides of your footwear turn into completely sweltering? For this reason trendy trainers have been designed to wick sweat and usually be extra breathable so you do not get a foul case of athlete’s foot. However overlook all these smart concepts, what in the event you may simply strap a complete air conditioner to your footwear?

Filed in 1993 by Israel Siegel, this patent outlines an idea for a gravity-powered, shoe-mounted air con system. By strapping a collection of pumps and compressors to a median sneaker, alongside a collection of air tubes that snake by means of the within, you’ll be able to, in concept, create a cooling breeze inside your footwear with each step you are taking. Not solely that, however the design additionally consists of heating coils, permitting you to heat up your tootsies on a chilly day. Hopefully, it is impact-resistant, lest you set your toes on fireplace.

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