A newbie’s information to utilizing React Toastify with code examples | Digital Noch

A newbie’s information to utilizing React Toastify with code examples | Digital Noch

React Toastify is the preferred NPM bundle to indicate toast messages on a React.js utility. On this information, you’ll discover ways to use React Toastify in a easy React.js app that guesses nationalities for a given title, let’s get going!

Desk of contents #

Why use React? #

React is a the preferred JavaScript library for constructing consumer interfaces. As per the State of JavaScript 2022 survey, React is utilized by 82% of the respondents making it probably the most used library. Not solely that, it has been no. 1 since 2016 in that survey. It’s recognized for its declarative syntax, its component-based structure, and its capability for use with quite a lot of completely different front-end frameworks.

React is widespread for a lot of causes. First, the declarative syntax makes it simple to write down code that’s each readable and maintainable. Second, React is fairly performant. It is ready to render advanced consumer interfaces with out sacrificing efficiency. Third, React may be very versatile. It may be used to construct all kinds of various consumer interfaces, from easy net pages to advanced cellular apps.

Eventhough the most recent docs React will not be favoring Create React App (CRA), it’s pointing to meta frameworks like Subsequent.js and others. For this information, we are going to use a React.js utility created with CRA to indicate the toast messages utilizing React Toasitfy.

Choices to indicate messages in React #

There are a selection of various methods to indicate messages with React. One possibility is to make use of the built-in alert() perform. Nonetheless, this perform will not be very versatile and it could solely be used to indicate a single message at a time.

Another choice is to make use of a third-party library. The 2 widespread ones on NPM are React Sizzling Toast and React Toastify. React Toastify is a library that makes it simple to indicate toast notifications in React functions or different applicaitons constructed with meta frameworks that use React within the background like Subsequent.js.

Toast notifications are small, momentary messages which might be displayed on the backside of the display or another place on the display. They’re typically used to inform customers of errors, successes, or different vital occasions. Within the subsequent part, you’ll study extra about React Toastify and how one can use it in a React app.

React Toastify #

React Toastify is the preferred library used to show toast messages in React functions. It gives a easy and versatile API for creating toast messages that may be personalized to suit your utility’s appear and feel. React Toastify affords several types of toasts, together with success, error, warning, and data messages. The library additionally lets you set the length, place, and styling of the toast messages.

React Toastify gives a handy and customizable approach to show toast messages in React functions. Its simplicity, flexibility, and in depth options make it a the preferred selection amongst builders for dealing with notifications and consumer suggestions. By utilizing React Toastify, you may improve the consumer expertise, enhance communication, and streamline the presentation of data.

React Toastify affords a strong and user-friendly resolution for displaying toast messages in React functions. It simplifies the method by offering a single part that handles the show of notifications, permitting builders to deal with the content material and habits. React Toastify comes with a spread of options, together with customizable look, place, length, and the flexibility so as to add actions or buttons to the toast. It’s appropriate with completely different React variations and actively maintained by the developer neighborhood.

React Toastify is a well-liked library for displaying toast notifications in React functions. It’s simple to make use of and it comes with a lot of options, corresponding to:

  • Assist for various toast sorts, corresponding to success, error, and warning
  • Assist for various toast positions, corresponding to prime, backside, left, and proper
  • Assist for toast animations
  • Assist for toast icons
  • Assist for toast customizability

Within the subsequent seciton you’ll study when to make use of a toast message bundle like React Toastify.

When to make use of React Toastify #

React Toastify is especially helpful in eventualities the place it’s essential show notifications or toast messages to customers. Some widespread use circumstances embrace:

Notifications for profitable kind submissions: After a consumer submits a kind, you may show a hit message to offer suggestions and acknowledge the completion of the motion.

Displaying errors or validation messages: When kind validation fails or an error
happens, React Toastify can be utilized to indicate error messages or spotlight particular fields that require consideration.

Suggestions throughout asynchronous operations: When performing asynchronous operations like API calls or file uploads, you may present loading indicators or progress bars utilizing React Toastify to maintain customers knowledgeable concerning the ongoing course of.

Informational messages: You need to use React Toastify to show informative messages or bulletins to customers, corresponding to system updates, new options, or vital notifications.

Within the subsequent half, you’ll discover ways to use React Toastify to tell the consumer about the results of an API name to guess the nationalities for a given title.

Find out how to use React Toastify #

React Toastify can be utilized in any React app be it a local React utility or React working behind a meta framework like Subsequent.js or Remix. You may run Subsequent.js in a docker container too. For this information, you’ll implement it in an exiting React.js utility that guesses the nationalities of a given title, which is open supply and all of the code is on the market on GitHub.

With out React Toasitfy the app appears just like the beneath:

Name to Nationalities guessing app without using React Toastify

After including React Toasitfy to indicate the success (or error) of fetching the guessed nationalities for a given title the app appears as follows:

Name to Nationalities guessing app with React Toastify

To put in React Toastify in your React.js applicaiton you need to first run:

npm set up --save react-toastify

After that you could import and use the toasitify components like toast and ToastContainer. You’ll edit the /src/App.js file as follows, the edited code is highlighted in yellow:

import useState from 'react';
import './App.css';
import Slide, ToastContainer, toast from 'react-toastify';
import 'react-toastify/dist/ReactToastify.css';

perform App() {
const [nationalities, setNationalities] = useState([]);
const [personName, setPersonName] = useState('');

async perform fetchNationalities()
const toastId = 'fetched-nationalities';
const information = await (await fetch(`https://api.nationalize.io/?title=$personName`)).json();
const hasCountryData = information.nation && information.nation.size
const nationalities = hasCountryData ? information.nation : [];

const message = hasCountryData ? `$information.nation.size guess(es) discovered` : 'No nationality match discovered';
autoClose: 3000,
hideProgressBar: false,
closeOnClick: true,
pauseOnHover: true,
draggable: true,
transition: Slide
catch (err)
console.log(`err: $err.message`);
toast.error('Cound not fetch nationalities, please strive once more later',
place: toast.POSITION.TOP_RIGHT,

async perform handleSubmit(e)
await fetchNationalities();

return (
<div className="App">
<header className="App-header">
<div className="title-form">
<h2>Examine Title's Nationalities p.c</h2>
<div fashion= marginBottom: '20px' >
<kind title="nationalities-form" onSubmit=handleSubmit>
kind="textual content"
onChange=(e) => setPersonName(e.goal.worth)
placeholder="Enter an individual's title"
<button onClick=handleSubmit>Get Nationalities</button>
<div className="outcomes">
<div className="toast-container"><ToastContainer restrict=2/></div>
<div className="nationalities">
Array.isArray(nationalities) && nationalities.map(
nationality =>
const flagUrl = `https://flagcdn.com/w160/$nationality.country_id.toLowerCase().jpg`;
const altText = `$nationality.country_id flag`;
return <div key=nationality.country_id><h3>nationality.country_id - (nationality.likelihood * 100).toFixed(2)%</h3> <img src=flagUrl alt=altText fashion=
border: "1px stable black"


export default App;

Let’s attempt to perceive the adjustments which have been completed to get React Toasitfy working:

  • First you’ve got imported Slide, ToastContainer and toast perform from react-toastify and likewise imported the ReactToastify.css fashion sheet used to fashion the toast messages.
  • After that, on line 11 you’ve got outlined the toastId as fetched-nationalites it’s used to remove duplicates of the identical toast later. This can be used later within the code.
  • Rather than setting a message variable, you’re calling toast.success on line no. 19. You might be additionally passing different parameters as an object defining the place to indicate the toast on the highest middle. You might be additionally specifying different config choices like autoClose after 3 seconds, make it draggable, and so on. One vital config handed is the toastId which prevents duplicates. All these possibility are effectively outlined within the utilization part of the React Toasitfy official docs.
  • Then, you’ve got additionally outlined a toast.error in case there’s any error calling the API on line 32. Right here as effectively a few configs have been used.
  • Lastly, you’re defining a div with class toast-container that has the ToastContainer aspect in it. That is the div that homes the toast messages and it has a restrict of two set on it.

When you run the app with npm begin and level your browser to then kind chris within the textual content field you will notice an output just like the beneath:

Name to Nationalities guessing app with React Toastify Running

To your reference, all of the adjustments is on the market as a pull request on GitHub. You too can check out the app with React Toastify on Netlify. You too can view the generic React Toastify examples ona Subsequent.js app on this GitHub repo. This Subsequent.js instance can also be working on Vercel.

This app makes use of React Fragments and in order for you you may as well add a React Search Bar. Within the subsequent part, you can find out that React Toastify is the preferred NPM bundle to indicate toast messages.

Reputation of React Toastify #

With out doubts, React Toastify is the preferred NPM library to indicate toast message in React. The distant second is React Sizzling Toast as per NPM Tendencies as seen beneath:

React Toastify is the most popular NPM package to show toast message, second one is Hot React Toast

As you may see, React Toastify has greater than 2.5x the variety of downloads in comparison with its nearest competitor React Sizzling Toast. By way of absolute numbers, React Sizzling Toast had 565K downloads within the week of 7-Could-2023, the place as React Toasity has 1.41 million obtain in the identical week. Different libraries like React Affirm Alert, React Toaster and React Toasts don’t come near the highest two libraries to indicate react toast messages.

If it’s essential present toast messages in your React.js app React Toasitfy is the most secure guess, the second neatest thing might be React Sizzling Toast.

Conclusion #

On this weblog publish, you explored why React is extensively used and the choices out there for displaying messages in React functions. You discovered about React Toastify and offered code examples to reveal its utilization. Numerous eventualities the place React Toastify might be useful, corresponding to kind submissions, error dealing with, asynchronous operations, and informational messages have been additionally mentioned.

Bear in mind to leverage the ability of React Toastify’s configuration choices to customise the looks, place, and habits of toast messages to align along with your utility’s design and consumer expertise targets.

By incorporating React Toastify into your React tasks, you may elevate the best way you talk with customers and ship a extra partaking and interactive net utility.

Blissful coding with React Toastify!

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