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Whether or not you name them underwater drones or simply small ROVs, high-end miniature remote-control submersibles are positively gaining reputation. One of many newest and best-outfitted is Qysea’s spectacular Fifish V-EVO.

Like just about all underwater drones, the V-EVO is linked to its surface-located operator by way of a communications tether. Using a handheld controller which is related to that tether, the consumer is ready to relay instructions all the way down to the drone whereas watching real-time video from its digital camera by way of an app on their smartphone.

Within the case of the V-EVO, the tether is 100 meters lengthy (328 ft) – which is the drone’s most dive depth – plus the digital camera has a 166-degree wide-angle lens and a most decision of 4K/60fps.

That digital camera is assisted within the deep, darkish waters by two forward-facing 5,000-lumen 5,500K LED spotlights. AI-based picture enhancement software program additionally helps the digital camera, by digitally filtering out plankton and different suspended particles. Footage is recorded on an onboard 64GB reminiscence card.

Along with recording 4K/60fps video, the Fifish V-EVO also shoots 12-megapixel stills
Together with recording 4K/60fps video, the Fifish V-EVO additionally shoots 12-megapixel stills


Due to its six thrusters, the V-EVO is able to 360-degree omnidirectional motion.

Which means as an alternative of simply turning left and proper and transferring up and down, it may possibly rotate on the spot to face and transfer in any route as desired. Using the app, customers also can get it to do issues like routinely transferring to maintain a particular topic centered within the shot, bodily transferring in on a topic, or sustaining its present orientation towards underwater currents.

And if customers wish to do extra than simply look on the underwater world, they will connect additional remote-control peripherals comparable to a grasper arm, retrieval hook or net-patching package to a port on the drone’s underside.

The Fifish V-EVO weighs 4.1 kg (9 lb) out of the water
The Fifish V-EVO weighs 4.1 kg (9 lb) out of the water


So far as different specs go, the 4.1-kg (9-lb) V-EVO has a high ahead velocity of three knots (5.6 km/h or 3.5 mph), it is in a position function in water temperatures starting from -10 to 60 ºC (14 to 140 ºF), and it may possibly run at full mobility for a claimed one hour per battery-charge – it may possibly run for as much as 4 hours if it is simply hovering in a single location.

Pricing for the Fifish V-EVO begins at US$1,299 for a package deal that features a drone, tether and carrying case. You’ll be able to see the drone in motion, and watch footage shot by it, within the following video.

FIFISH V-EVO 4K 60FPS Underwater Drone: Evolution Via Imaging

Supply: Qysea

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