Guinness World Data Did An Automated Copyright Strike Oopsie On YouTubers | Digital Noch

Guinness World Data Did An Automated Copyright Strike Oopsie On YouTubers | Digital Noch

That is and can maintain taking place. As difficult a panorama as copyright legislation is, the concept of automating the policing of copyright infringement with out creating all types of collateral injury is solely absurd. Our pages are completely brimming with instance after instance of all types of entities issuing copyright claims and strikes on all types of platforms in error, with the blame at all times being laid on the ft of the copyright “bots” that screwed up. Apparently the broader world is okay with this sort of collateral injury clown present, because it positive doesn’t look like altering.

The latest instance involves us courtesy of the Guinness World Data firm, which hit no less than two YouTubers with copyright strikes for having the phrase “World Document” on their movies. The primary to notice this publicly was a YouTuber going by “Ducky.”

Ducky wasn’t alone.

Ducky wasn’t the one big-name YouTuber to get hit with a copyright strike from the corporate, both. LazarBeam, some of the iconic Fortnite content material creators on the web, revealed simply a few days after Ducky’s tweet that he had additionally been hit with a copyright strike.

“Guinness world information making the psychopathic determination to strike YouTube movies that point out ‘world report’ or use their brand in thumbnails. Video was 5 years outdated with 26 million views,” he mentioned.

Now, right here’s the place I’ll give the Guinness people some props. The corporate responded to Ducky pretty shortly and admitted that the strike was issued in error on account of, you guessed it, an automatic copyright bot. Ducky obtained the strike eliminated pretty shortly as nicely. There hasn’t been public acknowledgement that the corporate reached out in the identical style to LazarBeam as nicely, however I think about it has or is prepared to, given the way it dealt with Ducky.

However this merely isn’t adequate. It isn’t sufficient that these corporations repair their errors shortly after the copyright gun goes off. First off, not each firm is as responsive and trustworthy about these things because the Guinness individuals. And even when they had been, we’ve pages and pages of actual world examples of those bots not working. And we’re doing nothing about it.

We’d merely not put up with this sort of knock-on fallout in most different conditions in our society. Why are we placing it up with it within the title of copyright?

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