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Weed and lasers simply appear to go collectively. Like weed and black mild velour work. Or weed and peanut butter. Or weed and my buddy’s 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse. If you cease and actually take into consideration the pairing, you’re merely left saying “good.” And that’s precisely what I stated the primary time I fired up the Hitoki Saber. It’s a $299.99 bong powered by a laser and it’s costly, however it’s, once more, a laser bong, and might one actually put a value on the delight of watching weed mild up by way of a laser?

The USB-C-powered Hitoki Saber doesn’t ask you to style the laser. It doesn’t ask you to fret in regards to the laser and even take into consideration the laser. The laser is each purposeful and engaging. It’s the heating ingredient, which suggests, as a substitute of holding a hearth on to flower and scorching your lungs and giving your self a bong voice that makes you sound like Ted Levine, you may usually get a really clean hit.

Everyone seems to be impressed once you hearth up the laser bong as a result of, once more, it’s a bong, and it has a laser in it. Even the teetotalers in my life have admitted that it’s very neat, even when they haven’t any want to puff and go. The laser seems like a brilliant blue beam of sunshine, and the smoke that curls up round it’s blue, too. You’re feeling like you’re sooner or later once you hit the laser bong. After a number of hits, you’ll then really feel like you’re much more sooner or later since you are smoking a laser bong, and also you’re in all probability excessive.

Prepping the laser bong in your journey is comparatively straightforward. You pack the bowl, lock the large laser equipment in place, after which hearth a laser immediately into the weed for 10 seconds. What outcomes is a surprisingly clean cloud that may get you excessive, wow anybody watching you hearth it up, and value you a lot cash.

The bowl is ceramic, and it will get sticky and filled with weed detritus over time, so it’s important to periodically exchange it. Hitoki sells three bowls, or “Ceramic Loading Chambers,” for $21.99. With common enjoyment of the lasers and the bong, you may count on to exchange a bowl each two to 3 months. The bowls are additionally tiny, and filling them with ground-up weed will make you are feeling like an individual who does medication, since you are. However what I actually imply is it’s not so simple as an edible or a vape pen or perhaps a bigger bong the place you may pack entire buds in. No, it’s important to grind up the weed after which fastidiously sprinkle it into the bowl, pack it, sprinkle extra in, and pack it once more.

With the laser part eliminated, you may get to the Ceramic Loading Chamber, which can be straightforward to screw off.

As a result of it heats up by way of a really environment friendly and exact laser, you’re normally left with a hoop of unsmoked weed across the edges of the bowl, so that you’ll have to typically stir the bowl to get all the worth out of the weed. I had to try this each three or so hits, and it solely added to the sensation of doing a little medication. I don’t actually wish to be an individual who has to maintain a number of instruments on the espresso desk simply to take a rip, however with the Hitoki, I needed to do precisely that. However the hits themselves are terribly clean, and there’s quite a bit much less stinkiness to smoking a laser bong versus a daily bong.

It’s additionally fairly laborious to overdo it and smoke an excessive amount of, which is quite common with regular bongs. It lasts for a few month on a single cost and can warn you when it’s low on battery and desires a juice up with a purple flash of its energy button. Charging is as straightforward as plugging it into any USB-C charger, however you gained’t be capable to use it whereas it costs.

The chamber has sufficient house for one good hit.

Whereas you should use the Hitoki Saber with most bongs, you can too decide to spend $358.98 to get each the laser bong equipment and a glass pipe constructed to work with it. That’s the route I went, and the pipe was strong and really straightforward to wash. It was additionally sufficiently small that you might solely actually take one hit at a time. Everybody who sampled it agreed it was one of many nicer options, so in the event you’re already planning to spend $299.99 as a result of it’s a laser bong, then do your self a favor and save up the additional $58.99 for the glass pipe.

Now, at this level, you could be asking your self why on earth you’d spend all that cash when you may get a superbly tremendous bong for a fraction of the value at any head store or NYC bodega. And I have to reiterate that this can be a laser bong. That’s the enchantment. The hits aren’t that a lot smoother than a vape just like the $279 Artful Plus or the $200 Pax 3, and the loading course of is simply as finicky. You actually are simply paying to have a bong that shoots a laser, and buddy, that’s okay. As a result of in the event you’re getting excessive, you may as properly have a present.

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