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Rubber-bodied Bumper Pedals are made to spare cyclists’ shins | Digital Noch

For a lot of bicycle commuters, painful shin scrapes brought on by pedal strikes are simply an unavoidable a part of biking. They may not must be, nonetheless, if the designers of the rubber-bodied Bumper Pedals have something to say about it.

Manufactured by Salt Lake Metropolis-based startup Intrinsic Cycles, the Bumper Pedals are at present the topic of an Indiegogo marketing campaign.

They function a traditional metal/aluminum body and axle, however these are coated in a thick coating of industrial-grade closed-cell urethane foam. Each side of every pedal additionally sport a big replaceable patch of grip tape, so that they should not get too slippery when moist.

One pair of the Bumper Pedals is claimed to weigh in at approximately 1 lb, 1 oz (482 g)
One pair of the Bumper Pedals is claimed to weigh in at roughly 1 lb, 1 oz (482 g)

Intrinsic Cycles

Evidently, the Bumper Pedals will not be displaying up on Tour de France bikes anytime quickly. They’re aimed squarely at on a regular basis cyclists, who worth not getting whacked on the shins by naked steel pedals over efficiency. As a aspect profit, the pedals additionally will not take gouges out of door frames or furnishings when the bike is being wheeled round indoors.

Every pedal measures 3.45 inches huge by 3.95 in lengthy by 1.19 in thick (88 by 100 by 30 mm), with a set of two reportedly tipping the scales at about 1 lb, 1 oz (482 g).

Assuming the Bumper Pedals attain manufacturing, a pledge of US$35 will get you a pair – the deliberate retail worth is $49. There’s extra data within the following video.

Launch Video

Sources: Indiegogo, Intrinsic Cycles



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