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The Greatest Frozen Pepperoni Pizzas | Digital Noch

Tombstone’s thin-crust pepperoni pizza was our favourite among the many class of nostalgic, comparatively cheap, thin-crust choices like these from Totino’s and Pink Baron. This pie screams sleepover pizza—pleasant, if not healthful—and does what it does effectively. The crust was crunchy however nonetheless maintained a barely open, ethereal crumb—not dense, powerful, or overly cracker-y. The ratio of sauce to cheese to pepperoni was spot on, and the toppings lined the pie properly, with well-browned cheese. Maybe most distinctively, this pizza delivered on pepperoni taste, with tasters noticing that the smoky, meaty taste appeared to permeate their whole slice. On nearer inspection, we realized why: This pizza has little cubes of pepperoni within the sauce, along with good protection of salty, smoky pep on high of the cheese.



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