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Prefer it or lump it, the residents of each nation on the market, have stereotypes. Which group is especially good or silly, wealthy or poor, exhausting employees or lazy, what they seem like, what they sound like, they’re all on the market. Years in the past, it was OK to say issues that accentuated the bodily, behavioral, and even lingual variations of individuals in varied nations. That’s nonetheless carried out to today, to be sincere, but it surely’s now not mainstream and far much less accepted. These days it’s primarily carried out by bigots, racists and individuals who merely don’t know any higher than to deal with the stereotypes of others.

In fact, there are many stereotypes about individuals who stay within the U.S.:

  • We’re pushy and conceited
  • We’re beneficiant
  • We have a tendency to decorate a sure manner (should you’re out of the country, right here’s you possibly can spot an American)
  • We are usually optimistic
  • We’re obsessive about weapons and God
  • We’re exhausting employees
  • We’re very materialistic
  • We’re very pleasant
  • We’re overweight
  • We’re self-reliant
  • We’re self-focused and lack cultural consciousness

In truth, a pal of mine posted this on his Fb earlier this week (I’d give credit score however I do not know the place he obtained it from), and if it’s not a grand slam of 4 of our nation’s stereotypes, I don’t know what’s:

Simply as we’re conscious of our stereotypes, individuals in numerous nations are properly conscious of how others view them. In truth, somebody with the username of Odd_Employee_ on Reddit not too long ago requested, “What’s the major stereotype about your nation?” (heads up: some responses are NSFW. Grownup language) and the 9000+ responses of individuals from all around the world had been very eye-opening. However, on the identical time, not likely.

Word: A few of these are admittedly not likely stereotypes; extra of what the nation could also be recognized for, not a lot its individuals. I suppose some members of Reddit took liberties with the time period “stereotype.”


  • That we experience kangaroos, we at all times say “g’day”, “mate”, and “shrimp on the barby” (we name them prawns), that we’re some redneck backwards nation, and that we don’t exist – Soggy_Condition1265
  • We had been all born from criminals too – sidewaysickness
  • Beers! Beers! Beers! Kangaroo! Beers! – FarewellMyQueen
  • That each harmful animal is in our yard and so they all need to kill us. – Slender-Radish9743
  • All of us laid again larrakins who don’t stress about something. Bulls**t. – AusToddles


  • Every thing that’s proven within the sound of music. – psychointraining


  • “Chocolate and pedophiles, and so they solely make the chocolate to lure the kids” is the one I’ll at all times keep in mind. – EternalRgret


  • We’re all hotties who play soccer and dance samba – folklaura13
  • And have gigantic asses. Which is an effective factor – i38djw7
  • …..and that there’s a carnival all through the entire rattling 12 months, plus it’s all both seashores, lofty flats, or shantytowns. – theDaemon0
  • the amazon forest covers the whole nation – moralhos
  • Additionally that we converse Spanish – NichollasHunter
  • We love fish and all immigrants work development and cleansing – IllstudyYOU/Okay-Raspberry8045


  • We’re all actually well mannered.- TheBulldogIsHere (finest reply to this one: ” i had a canadian roommate get actually mad and lose it on me as soon as and screamed at me to “f**okay off, please!”.” – MEI72)
  • We’re obsessive about hockey – StarViolet33
  • There may be nothing in Canada however lumberjacks, maple syrup, igloo, hockey sticks and doge sledge. Don’t come right here. Sorry. – skywalk819
  • No, we don’t all put on denims and purple plaid… I imply a variety of us do, however nonetheless. – throwawayaccnt14
  • I’m Canadian and the stereotype is all of us say “Aboot” however that’s about perhaps half the nation who do. The remainder of the nation swings the opposite manner and overemphasizes each vowel sound within the phrases to virtually comical diploma, like me. Tom Inexperienced is a good instance of this sort of Canadian. The outliers to all this are the Newfoundlanders, Quebecers, Inuit and First Nations, who all have their very own distinct manner of speaking that’s completely different from nearly all of Canada. – Kootsiak


  • That all the pieces is made in China – HighlyPossible


  • medicine, whores, thugs, kidnappers, narcs, thieves – thejuanwelove

Czech Republic

  • That we’re chilly. No we aren’t, we simply don’t stroll all smiling and speak to everybody we meet on the way in which. We’re heat in the direction of individuals we all know. – foreveralonegirl1509
  • And in addition that we’re nonetheless Czechoslovakia. Dude, it ended practically 30 years in the past, study new geography. – deleted


  • we experience on camels and we stay inside “or subsequent to” pyramids and nile – Lil_mamii_here
  • We stroll like how our ancestors drew on the partitions – UnlightablePlay


  • Dangerous enamel, dangerous meals, and good manners – (deleted)
  • We’re all posh and stay in manor homes within the countryside, and cease all the pieces at 4pm to drink tea and eat cucumber sandwiches. – eezgorriseadback
  • We’re impassive tea-drinkers who say all the pieces backhandedly. “C**t” is actually used as a comma on this nation – TheQuestion_93
  • In my nation you’re both Dick van Dyke otherwise you’re simply off the set from Downton Abby. Some persons are like that, however you by no means actually get the ‘middle-class thirty-something from Suffolk’ stereotype. – mustard5man7max3
  • To People? Properly-spoken, well mannered, drink a lot of tea. To just about everybody else, particularly Europeans? Impolite, violent, entitled, xenophobic, perpetually sunburned soccer hooligans. 2nd one is way nearer. – JonathanWattsAuthor


  • That had been solely pleased and social when drunk. And sadly there’s 100% reality to it too – dr_moonshot
  • I’m from Finland and everybody thinks that all of us are quiet and shy. I don’t even understand how the stereotype began. – Current-Flamingo-24


  • (not a rustic, however insert each “Florida Man” joke you possibly can, right here. That’s what that complete thread was LOLOL!)


  • That we’re disagreeable and we stink .. we at all times carry a baguette too – Groumoum
  • French persons are impolite to everybody. – JeffBezoos
  • We’re conceited as a result of we’re the most effective. – Jeffbezoos
  • That we get triggered when somebody says, “French Fries” – Tjor2


  • It’s best advised with a joke: What number of Germans do it’s good to change a light-weight bulb? One. We’re very environment friendly and never humorous. – R3v1cu7
  • Apparently there’s Nazis all over the place. Due to my Job i’ve a variety of worldwide contacts. Fairly often I’m requested, how proper leaned Germany is and the way we take care of all of the nazis. – Boing78 (that individual continued, “Not most individuals, however nonetheless many. As each affordable individual is aware of, each nation has a sure share of these freaks of their society. And that is additionally the case right here. However on the whole we’re distant of beeing all nazis. I additionally imagine that as we speak different nations are so much nearer associated to this mindset than Germany. They’re solely hiding that below a flag of patriotism.” BOOM!)
  • Wörk wörk wörk! – loslem
  • I end my pretzel, wash it down with beer and being in a BMW and loudly perplexed that there could also be some stereotypes about us. – adm928
  • we’re at all times on time, everybody loves Sauerkraut and we don’t know what enjoyable is. – Louipuh


  • IT /assist desk specialist – downwithbrown
  • Indians dont really eat a variety of curry – zeshpesh
  • We s**t on the road – edificeraks
  • Consuming beef is forbidden and eevryone’s vegetarian – WatermelonSugarxo
  • You’re both a health care provider, an engineer, a scammer or a failure. Oh and that we at all times have a really off accent in exhibits which isn’t something like the actual one – Brokeshadow


  • We’re all terrorists or Muslims. – mehregan_zare7731


  • That we’re all terrorists, killers and harmful – Canariki
  • saddam hussein, that all of us hate people – interstellarclock


  • Traditionally talking the luck of the Irish is terrible – AniMASON16
  • Or “High of the morning to ya” however no one in Eire really says that – Xauodia_Q3
  • We’re drunks, love potatoes, lined in inexperienced fields crammed with sheep and have leprechauns operating concerning the finish of rainbows with a pot of gold – LetAfraid8358
  • Now we have a bizarre vice versa stereotype with the US in the case of stupidity. An American stereotype of irish individuals is that they’re silly and the identical is true vice versa! – turquoise2j
  • We solely drink Guinness and have huge households. Which….I suppose was extra widespread within the 50’s however much less so now – shes_got_a_point
  • All of us are ginger, drink extreme quantities of beer, have sturdy accents and hate the British. – Crazy_Helicopter2015


  • All of us eat pizza and pasta on the coast in our Fiat 500 whereas making bizarre hand gestures. It’s true. – Saft_Chri
  • We’re all mafia members (which can be right here in Italy a stereotype of the south a part of the nation the place mafia really was much more lively lively like 30 years in the past or so) – Felixxio
  • We speak like Tremendous Mario – Lightw784


  • Ladies with dreads and nostril piercings – turquoise2j
  • a stereotype might be that we’re at all times partying. – A-maze-ing_Henry
  • Smoke weed, put on dreadlocks and sleep in hammock/hut – Looseneck_salty


  • They assume all Kenyans are cons and really corrupt due to the pictures being displayed by our political leaders and the extent of corruption that’s excessive withing the federal government which it’s true, and that’s one factor that pisses me off a lot, as a result of now the price of residing could be very excessive and that’s why the explanations typically, crime charges are going up…however nonetheless doesn’t present that each one Kenyans are corrupt and cons. – PossibleTomorrow4290


  • We’re all rapists and lazy individuals who drink tequila all day lengthy – Canthinkofanything
  • My solely meals within the day are tacos. My very own metropolis is a city in the midst of desert. Yeah, my father is mariachi, my brother is a inmigrant, my son might be a “Blood in Blood out” character. – Reyes2107
  • Burritos should not Mexican, guys – DingIe-DangIes


  • All of us have climbed Mt Everest in some unspecified time in the future in our lives – fedsex8

The Netherlands

  • Picket sneakers, windmills, cheese, coffeeshops, authorized weed, tulips. – ElsaFrom Fro3n
  • Everybody in American appears to assume Holland is the identify of the nation – AntiStupidPosts
  • I don’t eat cheese with one hand while I experience two bikes on the identical – i_like_mushrooms
  • All of us stay within the purple gentle zone, with the hookers, and drink Heineken – Kefshen
  • All of us put on picket clogs and get excessive on a regular basis, which is loopy, we get excessive, however not whereas sporting picket clogs, come on. – roflboos

New Zealand

  • Ppl assume we’re a metropolis in Australia. We don’t converse “Zealand”. We don’t have intercourse with sheep. No we’re not aside of Australia. We do exist. Nonetheless not Australia – MikkiNotMouse
  • That we’re very nice and exhausting employees. Not all Kiwis work exhausting …they’re simply exhibiting off when abroad ha ha – Klutzy-Bag-1339

Northern Eire

  • they don’t know its a separate nation, drunken ppl, leprechauns or fairies, violent or terrorist ppl, radicalism (ask_bee)
  • Protestants and Catholics have beef with one another. I’ve but to witness this rivalry among the many youthful technology. – Best_Inspection-8466


  • We’re all quiet and introverted – OkMushroom364
  • Tall and blonde -mAshtar-the-Squid
  • Individuals who consider Norway as a chilly, darkish, remoted place within the far north of the world – PatoC974
  • Now we have fish for dinner each night time – Lormuso

The Philippines

  • It’s both a musician or a boxer. There’s no in between. – i_hate_humans_f_u
  • You forgot nurse. Lol – Nasty_little_Hobbit


  • Vodka, everyone personally is aware of Wałęsa and met with John Paul II – Zuzka03K
  • And we’re very non secular, based mostly but additionally hard-working – Ziomownik
  • Based on many foreigners I met we additionally all converse Russian and and have blond hair. – Evenken
  • Construct issues for reasonable – Satanicjamnik


  • I’m from Romania, so the stereotype are clearly vampires – DanielKun616
  • Bro I hung round with Romanians suge pula mea however regretting being from Romania is essentially the most Romanian factor to do – marouan10
  • Everybody thinks Romania is stuffed with criminals. We’ve by no means had anybody steal from our automobile, by no means heard of any individual’s automobile being damaged into. Any individual stole a welding machine and a 30m cable 9 years in the past. However that’s it. And it’s not as primitive as individuals say. Not a foul nation. – Lucacg00
  • That we’re all gypsys and thieves. – HighlightNo3322


  • vodka, borscht and our pets are bears – Odd_Employee7004
  • Additionally heard everyone seems to be a chilly calculating chess participant over there – AdeptnessNo1123
  • It’s at all times chilly and snowy. We’re at all times offended. We eat nothing however potatoes and meat.- ekaterinaitis
  • We really do smile – after we really feel prefer it. AND FOR F**Ok’S SAKE “COMRADE’ MEANS “PAL” OR “BESTIE” NOT “SOLDIER”! – FallenCorrin


  • Eat haggis, drink whisky, put on skirts – crazyface81
  • gave up an opportunity to change into an unbiased nation – Shan-Chat
  • everyone sounding like ‘Willy from the Simpsons’ – J0yLive
  • That all of us play bagpipes…. It’s uncommon to see bagpipes being performed – Specialist_Show9169


  • Properly, we don’t exist, or no less than our existence is generally unknown, however, for the fortunate ones who’ve heard of us, we’re a bunch of savage animals, or one thing like that – fortuna279
  • I prefer it once they identify this nation as Syria, that must be the most effective one😂 – deleted
  • That it’s nonetheless Yugoslavia – pancakes-lord
  • Fifteen hundred years in the past we Serbs had been a bunch of barbarian tribes, and we’ve retained a few of that spirit. Folks discover us enjoyable to be round due to that residual barbarian bom-bosh. I’m really a low-key man however different Serbs, particularly younger ones, actually know how you can lower free and have a superb time. However together with that we are usually brash and direc. – Glum_somewhere7458


  • That we queue for all the pieces / we’re all loopy wealthy – Chanmollychan

Someplace in Africa (they by no means specified…however the replies had been humorous, so…)

  • Now we have Black Panther, all of us hunt for meals within the savanna, we stay in huts, and so forth. – eliqxx
    Reply #1: Florida? (Ok_Student8032)
    Reply #2: Wakanda??? (Nmalacane25)
  • All of us have pet lions – NeitherTomato199
  • Dude Simply talked about an entire continent – Crazicoda

South Africa

  • All of us stay in mud huts, have wild animals strolling within the streets/experience animals to work, we stay within the bush, don’t have any roads, we don’t converse English and so forth. – Jacquelinekotze
  • It’s not protected to journey right here, We solely converse “African” (African isn’t a language.), All of us are extraordinarily Poor, We’re both Elon Musk, or a Villager, Wild Animals roam freely across the Nation. – GlorifiedPanWithArms
  • Thiefs, Black, Wildlife (particularly the “huge 5 [specifically lions]). Rugby. Mandela (and apartheid for that matter, which results in: Racist. – Chessbirb

South Korea

  • We don’t steal and are all purposeful alcoholics – waxfiggy


  • Paella, bullfighter and swearing phrases – LynnHell
  • Don’t overlook Flamenco dancing! – woknrollhs
  • We kill bulls for enjoyable – Saramemes2


  • Stunning blonde ladies, free love and intercourse, beards and horns, fish roe in tubes, minimalist furnishings, and apparently an uncommon variety of unsolved homicides – r6implant
  • IKEA! – Ramanujan42
  • That rattling muppet doesn’t sound even remotely like us. – KaffeMumrik
  • We by no means serve meals to the buddies of our kids. – Lazybutunorganized


  • We’re all wealthy – FrantzAllspring
  • Chocolate and watches – theNOTHING


  • We’re both terrorists or we’re poor uneducated dummies who stay in tents due to warfare – StoneAgeEdward


  • Now we have Sharia Legislation – AlknA24
  • We’re individuals with just one consolation which is that we performed properly on EURO 2008 – Camellia_Gardens


  • Stealing tanks from b******ds 🙂 – wearingmyseatbelt
  • All of us eat borscht. As a result of it’s true. – deleted

United States (I already talked about us above, however the responses introduced up a LOT of different issues)

  • The declare that we’re a “free nation,” regardless of having the biggest incarceration price on the earth. – NineTailedTanuki
  • …the variations in legal guidelines, local weather, geography, accents/dialect, and so forth. should you took somebody who has by no means heard of the us to maine, then texas, then california, after which advised them that these locations are all one nation they’d most likely be a bit stunned. – hiddenevidence
  • I at all times snicker at individuals from different nations getting into on “‘Murica.” We’re a melting pot of all cultures that will or might not combine properly so they’re not directly insulting themselves. – StressFart
  • Land of the free, residence of the healthcare wicked – USS-Missouri
  • I’m actually fats, personal 3 weapons, and love Taco Bell. We don’t deserve healthcare. – leadguitarlegend
  • Metric is dangerous – Foxyplayz3
  • dumb, fats and armed! – Hallowed_Weasel
  • we’re both libs or trumpers – Kwilburn525
  • No. 1 nation on the earth!! – Slight-Improvement84
  • World champs in basketball, soccer and baseball with out competing with every other nations! Trigger, you realize, it’s a foregone conclusion once you’re superior. USA! USA! USA! – Trentwood (nice reply: Clearly America might be one of many solely nations with a serious league in american soccer – UziYT)
  • Met some individuals who thought that all of us eat McDonalds on a regular basis, put on designer blue denims, and all of us have huge white smiles with straight enamel. That everyone is wealthy and life right here is rather like the films 🙁 – bubblegum_tree

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