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After over three a long time of effort, the US has destroyed the final of its chemical weapon stockpile that when consisted of 30,000 tonnes of lethal chemical brokers in explosive munitions and storage containers.

One of many unlucky legacies of the Chilly Battle is the tens of 1000’s of tonnes of nerve fuel, blistering brokers, and different chemical stockpiles that have been amassed by the US and the Soviet Union as a deterrent towards both aspect utilizing such horrors on the battlefield.

Since chemical weapons aren’t very sensible and are harmful to retailer, the US Congress mandated in 1986, even earlier than the autumn of the Berlin Wall, that the destruction of American stockpiles ought to start as quickly as attainable. The massive downside was what to do with this stock of demise? It is a lot simpler to create chemical weapons than to destroy them, so the one established technique at the moment was to dump them in deep sea areas.

Growing new applied sciences, the work started in 1990 on Johnston Atoll, an remoted, uninhabited island chain within the Pacific south of Hawaii, adopted by six extra websites in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Maryland, Oregon, and Utah. It was solely accomplished on July 7, 2023 on the Blue Grass Military Depot, Kentucky, when the ultimate sarin-nerve-agent-filled M55 rocket was destroyed. This was the final of the stockpile that had been declared to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons within the Hague below the Chemical Weapons Conference worldwide arms management treaty that the US ratified in 1997.

Initially, the destruction of the stockpile relied on high-temperature furnaces that broke down the agent’s molecules into its base components. After public considerations, incineration was deserted in favor of two new strategies.

One was neutraliation, the place munitions have been dismantled by robotic handlers and the chemical brokers poured out. These brokers have been then blended vigorously with sizzling water and sodium hydroxide to destroy or neutralize them.

The second was static detonation, which was used when the agent had solidified partly and caught to the inside of the munition. As a substitute of dismantling the weapon, it was fed into an armored, high-temperature agent, which detonated the explosive within the munition, liberating up the agent to be destroyed by the warmth. The identical detonation course of was used on the emptied munitions to decontaminate the scrap.

With the final US chemical weapon now historical past, contractor workforce Bechtel Parsons Blue Grass is concentrating its efforts on dismantling the contaminated disposal plant in Kentucky.

“We have now a nationwide safety crucial and ethical obligation to work towards eliminating the risk posed by weapons of mass destruction,” stated Underneath Secretary of Protection for Acquisition and Sustainment Dr William A. LaPlante. “That is the primary time a global physique has verified destruction of a whole class of declared weapons of mass destruction – reinforcing the US’ dedication to making a world freed from chemical weapons.”

Supply: US Division of Protection

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